You’ve spent years on a basketball court, giving your all for your team. You’ve worked hard in each practice and harder in each game. It’s time to showcase who you are and what you can do in The Grind Session!

Over 150 games will be played this season, but The Grind Session is about more than these games. In between those heart-pounding games, you and your teammates will also get ready for the next chapter of your lives.



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Navigating the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for college and professional teams can be tough. Discover how to get the best possible outcome for your career.

professional basketball


Sportsmanship is important both on and off the court. Learn how to become a role model and develop true character.

professional basketball | college basketball | high school basketball

Managing your money

A successful athlete has to make smart financial decisions as well as smart basketball plays. Learn to handle your finances.

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Developing and Protecting Your Brand

Every professional basketball player develops a reputation—either good or bad. Find out how to keep your image positive.

The Grind Session seminars will coach you on various issues you could face while playing college or professional ball. Past events have featured a variety of speakers from Former NBA player Gary Trent to rapper Master P, and each has given valuable information on subjects like the university recruiting process, branding, money management, and more.

It’s an event that could change the direction of your career and your life. So now, the only question is:

Are you ready to step up and prove yourself—both on the court and off?