It’s time to take athletics back! We know you’re tired of the scandals that corrupt what should be wholesome, family fun and that create a dangerous world for young players. Your support for The Grind Session can help maintain a safe, positive environment where talented high school and college basketball players can showcase their talent and learn to become better athletes and people. Your investment in young players now can help change basketball for future generations.

And, there are so many ways to help. You can volunteer at a Grind Session event, buy a sponsorship, or make a charitable donation. Contact us to get plugged in, and start making a difference in high school sports.

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Official Streaming Partner

Tanager Sports is the official streaming partner of The Grind Session.

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Your gift today will help fund seminars that prepare players for the next stages in their lives and careers. Help teach youth to be better players and people—in the game and in life!
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Get your business featured at a Grind Session game. Be the official restaurant, provide the official ball, and more. You could even sponsor the entire event!
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Join The Grind Session team and help make events happen. We need volunteers like you for odd jobs that keep the games rolling and help the teams play their best.