The Grind Session has emerged as one of the best kept secrets in the US for college coaches at every level. The Grind Session scouting and recruiting service is a one-stop-shop for the college coaching community. With over 200 players participating in Division I basketball this past season it has built a level of trust maintained by top talent that continues to excel. The Grind Session scouting and recruiting service works to empower every student athlete on their path to college.



In 2022 The Grind Session had 131 alumni playing on 58 different teams in the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament. It’s the only platform in the world that has a top notch scouting and recruiting service. The Grind Session has the best talent in the world with players spanning the globe from over 150 countries.


Since 2014 The Grind Session has helped over 2,800 student athletes earn scholarships. An estimated $480 million has been earned making the circuit one of the most viable forms of recruiting in the US.


College coaches will get all of this and more with a paid subscription to The Grind Session scouting and recruiting platform. The subscription also allows college programs to recruit year round using virtual and on-site recruiting at all Grind Session events. During the open period on-site recruiting coaches packages are available at $459 for one coach and $279 for each additional coach. Virtual recruiting packages, viewed exclusively on Tanager Sports TV, are $299 per season and include a virtual package with player information.